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Who wouldn't like to live in one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul in Beyoglu and get to know and love the historical structure of Istanbul? We offer to you exactly this real estate... All the same whether you look for a real estate purchase in Beyoglu with sea view or rather in the inland: We offer real estate in Beyoglu, which will satisfy you with their glory. Istanbul with its history smells of pure life and welcomes you with the Galata Tower, the location close to the city and the wonderful texture that combines old and new. Nisantası, Beyoglu and the fascinating city center... Buying a house in Beyoglu is almost the dream of everyone who wants to own a house in Istanbul. It is in your hands to make this dream come true. In your search for real estate agent in the regions Beyoglu and Nisantası we are glad to assist you with our experience of many years in real estate and investment advisory service.

Historic houses in the size you need - Your Real Estate Agent

Living in a rented house has its difficulties. It is not possible to design and decorate these houses according to your personal wishes. But if it’s your property in Beyoglu, everything is possible. Here you will not get enough of the location. Everything lies at your feet and the view caresses your soul.. When you get to know Beyoglus unique texture and cheerful and attractive atmosphere, you will wonder why you haven't come here before. Living in such a colorful and historical place with all its historical buildings is a rare opportunity, especially for nostalgia lovers. If you want to buy apartment in Istanbul, Beyoglu is the place to visit, especially for those who do not want to break out of the past. Like an immortal culture still alive with its historic buildings, Beyoglu impresses more and more people. On we realize as your real estate agent your wish of your own property in Istanbul.

Buy a House in Beyoglu in Istanbul and everything is at your feet

Istanbul and especially Beyoglu and Nisantası reflect as a vibrant city a strong culture that inspires more and more people. Let us convince you how the historical structure of the Ottoman Empire is united with today's modern Turkey. Maybe you have come away from Anatolia. Maybe you have roots in Istanbul, but once you are here, a part of you will always be Istanbul. Once you get used to Beyoglu, your biggest dream will be to own your own house here. The idea of buying a house in Beyoglu surrounds you. The excitement of people queuing to climb the Galata Tower with their loved ones warms your heart. The pleasure of walking through the side streets of Beyoglu with this excitement and enthusiasm you will only find here. Maybe now is the time to buy a property in Beyoglu!

Discover the Districts of Beyoglu Istanbul

In Istanbul, you will certainly want to live in a district that connects you to the city. No matter whether you buy or rent. If you think that Beyoglu is exactly your region, then hurry up! Newly married couples, singles or businessmen from all over the world who move to Istanbul all have a common dream: A beautiful house in Istanbul in a beautiful neighborhood. But only those who hurry will get the chance. Why not own a house close to transportation and a few minutes walk from world famous sights? Remember: For a dream to come true, you must take the steps that lead to the fulfillment of your dream. We offer suitable properties of different sizes (1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 etc.) in Galata, Cihangir, Gümüssuyu and many other beautiful neighborhoods of Beyoglu. Put an end to the long travel times of transportation. Enjoy living with your family in a centrally located place from where you do not need public transportation when you want to explore the city. To quickly realize your dreams, work with a real estate agent who knows the area well and will give you professional advice. You will be accompanied by the magnificent view of the sea and the view of the city. Let us find your dream house together! Your Real Estate Agent in Istanbul.


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Real Estate Valuation
We are creating a Real Estate Report for your Property to find out the current market value.
Professional Marketing
For exclusive Properties we are realizing our Professional Marketing Plan which suits best to your Property.
Needs Analysis
We save time by realizing a detailed Needs Analysis with our Clients, who wants to buy a Real Estate.
Sales Consulting
For our clients who wants to sell or rent their property, we carry out the entire procedure from A' to Z' in order to provide a smooth process.
Buyer Consulting
For our clients who wants to buy or rent a property, we conduct a detailed needs analysis and set out to find the property that best suits your needs and desires.
Investment Consulting
After a detailed needs analysis which we are realizing with our investors, we beginn to search the best suitable property regarding the investment type and budget which will bring the best return.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you for choosing us..

We met Ms. Asuman when we wanted to move our office to a new location. We were very pleased with her with her smiling face, her understanding of our need and her support for us throughout the whole process. I Think Ms. Asuman is very good at bringing the right two parts together. Thanks to her, we are now running our business in our beautiful office. Let's face it, we were so pleased with her smile and attention that we even asked her to work in our own team, but she turned down this offer with a smile, as she was doing her job with great pleasure:)
by Günnur Aktoros
Thank you so much for your interest in renting out the apartment in your portfolio at Tomtom Gardens. You received the correct information about the apartment and returned to my requests with quick and analytical responses. I have broken my preconceived approach to real estate consulting after the rental process thanks to your interest also while living in the apartment. Thanks again, good work
by Halil Ünlü
Asuman Aykut worked in perfect cooperation with us in the process of the change of our business location. It is appreciated that she understands both our position and our Terms and that she has created the agreement on the best terms between both parties. We were very pleased with the seriousness and responsibility she showed to her work. We thank her and wish her success.
by Sevil Binat
I am very happy to rent my property, which is not easy to rent due to its location and market conditions, with a very tight lease agreement thanks to the Disciplined, Systematic and goal-oriented efforts of Ms. Asuman. Apart from the information I received from Ms. Asuman in a very professional manner throughout the whole process, it was her sincere and open approach to me that pleased me as well as this professionalism. If I had a real estate consultant in my own family, I would have had that much peace of mind and confidence. I was sure that Ms. Asuman, who had always known that she was doing her job fondly, would complete the process with the right conditions for me, considering her past work experience. She was so meticulous about her work that she was moving her own house on the day we signed the lease, but she didn't hesitate to take her job first. Thanks to this rental, I am very happy to have won not only a very good real estate consultant, but also a heartfelt friend. From now on, I will apply to Ms. Asuman for all my real estate purchases and sales and rental jobs. I would like to thank her again and wish her success.
by Nurdan Tuncay
Working with real estate consultant Asuman Aykut resulted in both a warm friendship and achieving the goal as soon as possible. The diligence, discipline, sincerity and plausibility of Asuman played a role in this success. Asuman loved her work and never forgot the fact that what she was trying to sell, rent, was a place to live in and to be happy. Working with Asuman was based on trust.
by Arif Aşçı
It was great working with Ms. Asuman Aykut! Ms. Aykut did a great job in helping us purchase a flat in Beyoğlu. Several traits stood out as we worked with her: First, Ms. Aykut knows the real estate scene in Beyoğlu very well. Beyoğlu is an amalgamation of many different small neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics. Walk three blocks and you are in a different neighborhood, with different prices and quality of housing. Ms. Aykut was effective in guiding us through finding a neighborhood that fit our preferences. Second, Ms. Aykut listens to her clients’ needs carefully and does her best to satisfy them. Our search was quite broad at the beginning, but as she learned about our preferences, she guided us to an area we had not thought about before, which turned out to be the best match for us. In the process, she sifted through numerous available units and presented to us those that would meet our parameters, saving us time and keeping us focused. She was always quick in her responses to our questions. Third, Ms. Aykut is a problem solver. Our purchase process hit unexpected snags, which she did her best to overcome. She communicated effectively with all sides, kept us informed of developments, showed patience, and followed up until it was resolved. Finally, Ms. Aykut has a good attitude, honesty, integrity, and is genuinely interested in helping her clients and others. We wish Ms. Aykut success in her endeavors and warmly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a place in Beyoğlu.
by Sari ve Tarhan Feyzioğlu
Asuman and I met on the occasion of a contractor. She sold our two houses with many shareholders, in a very short time with her wide client portfolio, which we gave before to many real estate consultants within one and a half year and which could not sold. She became like one of our family in a short time. I thank you so much, Asuman. With respect and love…
by Yeter Cibooğlu
I had the opportunity to work with real estate consultant Asuman Aykut during the first real estate purchase process in my life, when I bought my apartment that I was eager to live in. I know I wouldn't have bought a house I'm so happy with if I hadn't met her. By making me feel completely safe in a process where I am really very unfamiliar in all respects, both with her professionalism and with the closeness she has established, with her patience, with honesty that made me think I was in the right place from the first moment, the relationship of trust that she established between me and the apartment sellers, with her approach, which makes it easier for me to experience the purchase of a house as an establishment of a living space rather than a purely commercial process, Ms. Asuman has made a huge difference for me. I am sure that everyone who will work with her on the purchase, sale, rental of apartments will also be very pleased. Thanks to her, the process of becoming a home owner was not a stressful but a pleasant experience for me. I feel very grateful for this and sincerely recommend it to everyone.
by Feride Eralp

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